Saturday, February 18, 2012

Orchid Love

Meet the only orchid that has ever loved me.  I have never had good relationships with orchids.   I like fluffy, inviting, happy flowers.  Orchids, to me, have always seemed skinny, fickle, and very unfriendly.  They've always seemed a little too ugly to be as haughty and picky as they are.   I'm sure they have felt the very same about me.  So much so that they usually just up and die on me.

But this one is different.  This one I received as a "thank you" from a colleague.  I didn't give it much hope at first.  I sat it on my desk and waited for it to show the usual signs of disgust and disdain followed by inevitable death.  But this one lived.  It has sat on my desk day after day for over a year, watching me work, listening in on conference calls and apparently it decided somewhere along the way that it loved me and would stay alive.  In fact, it has thrived.  Six new flowers and more on the way!

So while I still feel the same way about orchids generally, I think I love this one.  I never expected to.  It seems beautiful and happy to me.  I think we are a match made in orchid heaven.


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