Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Runway

This weekend I attended a friend's birthday party and had the opportunity to wear another RTR ensemble.  The party required cocktail attire so where else would I go but RTR?!

I chose this Badgley Mischka pink sequined dress -- pretty fabulous, don't you think?  I always worry when I opt for sequins-- you never know how worn the dress will look.  But this one was in perfect condition and looked like new, which has been my happy experience with RTR.  I received two dresses, one in the size I ordered and one in a back-up size (at no extra charge).   I paired it with these bling-y baubles, which I have worn before (I think I should just buy them).   They came on Friday, I wore them on Saturday, popped them in the mailbox on Sunday.  Could not be easier.

It's February in Chicago, so it was a little chilly.  That's why I wrapped it up as the evening wore on in my own J Crew cover in the perfect color.

The party was at The Center for Visual and Performing Arts and included cocktails, dinner and performances by talented guests and the Birthday Boy himself!

I hope all you Kichaas had fun this weekend!  I'd love to hear about it!


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