Monday, September 19, 2011

Open Your Eyes: Views of Mass MoCA

Your life reflects your own little (or big!) vision of the world.  It's not often that I get to really experience  someone else's vision.  When I do, it's always an eye-opener.

Recently, I took in the views at Mass MoCA and I was really glad I did.  The museum itself is housed in 19th-century factory buildings that only add to the view.  And whether or not you are a fan of contemporary art, the exhibits make you open your eyes to take in a different message and a different vision.  Sometimes that vision hits you pretty hard, sometimes it is more subtle.  Sometimes it takes a lot of looking to begin to appreciate the view.  But that's what art is all about!  

So take a moment on this Monday to open your eyes and check out some of the views I saw.  Enjoy a different vision of the week ahead!


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