Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude No. 2: All Creatures Great and Small

"No heaven will not ever Heaven be,
Unless my pets are there to welcome me."

It's day two in my Week of Gratitude and I must introduce you to the small but very important creatures who bring me joy each day.  The sister team of Agnes (top) and Zelda.  I am grateful each morning to wake up to their warm, cuddly purring.  They are true comfort and pleasure seekers and always seem to be able to put the day in perspective:  Why stress out?  Take a nap!  Get a belly rub!  If only all of life's choices and challenges were that simple!

I hope all of you are lucky enough to be grateful for the love of a pet.  And if you aren't, go out and adopt one . . . or two (I found my beauties at Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue)!  You'll be thankful you did (and so will they).

Happy Monday Kichaas!


1 comment:

  1. What cute faces! I love how these cats look perpetually pissed off. But in a really loveable way. I know there's really nothing to make you feel better than giving a cat a belly rub.