Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude No. 5: Welcoming Guests on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  

This is one of my very favorite holidays!  My family is gathering at my house to celebrate the day.  Some have flown across the country to be here.  There is one honorary family member who is far away.  We'll miss him, but we're not saving him any pumpkin pie!!

Since he can't be here in person, I have asked him to be my virtual guest today.  So I am excited to introduce you to Deogratias, owner of Kilimanjaro Heritage Safaris, resident of Tanzania, mountain dude extraordinaire, and a very darling Kichaa!  I hope you love his post as much as I do!

Jambo!  Nashukuru!

Which means hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you!  I am very pleased to be Kichaa's guest on this special day of gratitude.   She has asked me about the five things for which I am most thankful.  There are so many things in life to be thankful for, but here are the most valuable to me and those that fill my heart.

My World:  The Mountain and My Home Place

Your world makes you who you are and I am very thankful for mine.  I am very happy to be from Kilimanjaro, to have been born there, to have my family there, and to earn my living from it and sharing its beauty with others.  

We Are Reflections of One Another

I have met many people during my work who come from all over the world.  I am very thankful for clients, who always become friends, and who then become a part of me, as I become a part of them.  We take a little of each other back to where we started.  We are reflections of each other and we are better for it.

 To Learn and To Share What I Learn 

Learning is an opportunity that absolutely everyone should give thanks.  I have studied the horticulture and wildlife of Africa.  This has allowed me to see and to share the uniqueness of Africa with others.  Learning opens your eyes.  There is an old Tanzanian proverb:  "Nilikuonyesha nyota na uliangalia kidole tu."  It means:  "I pointed out to you the stars and all you saw was the tip of my finger."  With learning, if you are willing, you can see past the tip of your finger and see beauty.  You can share what you learn with others and then learn even more.

My Health

You are nothing without good health.  I cannot climb to the summit, I cannot care for my loved ones, I cannot enjoy all that I am thankful for without it.  

My Love

This I have saved for last but it really is the greatest thing of all to be thankful for.  Love is crucial to all things, to give love and to be loved.  I give thanks for this most of all.

And one more thing . . . I give thanks for my own name!!  Deogratias is Latin for "Thanks be to God."  So I am full of thanks, even as part of my name, to God as well, and this Thanksgiving Day is the best day for me!

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