Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Flipping Out!

All photos Miko's

It's popped up and open for business!  That's Miko's Flipside Cafe.  It's a great new pop-up cafe in a teeny-weeny space in Bucktown.  It's usually a teeny-weeny ice hut (Italian ice, that is) in the warmer months.  But a colder wind is blowing now and the tiny ice hut has been transformed into a cafe.  Coffee, cocoa, mulled cider (and, of course, custom made sodas). . .

Homemade pastries and desserts (try on some dark chocolate cake and curry snaps). . .

With lunch and dinner menus that include homemade soup and mac 'n cheese, you are sure to keep warm during the cold winter months (the small 6-seater bar doesn't hurt either).

Hurry, the ice shop flips into a cafe only from October to April.  Check it out and let me know what you think Kichaas!



  1. Those homemade desserts look absolutely incredible! I'd love to get a slice of cake with a warm cup of cocoa. You're so lucky you're close enough to visit this place!

  2. A seasonal pop-up shop sounds like such a fun idea! Would love to have one of these in my area.