Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kichaa Loves Dreaming: Ohh, to be in Paris!

The weekend has got me dreaming of Paris.  Oh, how I wish I could just be transported away!  To the quaint side streets in the Marais.  The views from the street cafes.  The views from your balcony at Caron de Beaumarchais where you enjoy croissants and chocolate every morning.  The city.  The style.  The elegance.  It's all so desirable.    Don't you agree?

Il n’y a que deux endroits au monde où l’on puisse vivre heureux:  chez soi et à Paris.(There are only two places in the world where we can live happy:  at home and in Paris.)
-Ernest Hemingway

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  1. I'm always dreaming about a weekend -- or week or month -- in Paris. I'd love to visit and have some proper time to wander around.