Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Makes Kichaa Smile? Tiny Peepers

So it's back to school time.  Maybe your little one is not so little anymore and back to school means he's off on his own for the first time.  Will he remember to make his bed?  Will he remember to separate his lights from his darks when he does his laundry (do you really think he'll get around to doing his laundry)?  What about a little something for his new apartment that shows you care . . . and want him to do his chores!  Or maybe you've been married to this guy for a while and want him to do his chores!  Something that says, "I love you, but don't forget to do the dishes!"  How about these awesome tea towels from Tiny Peepers?  These adorable retro designs are hand screen-printed on nice, big cotton towels.  Do you think he'll get the hint?  

How about picking up a few of these for yourself while you are at it?  I'm partial to the camper towel, but I'm crazy for those vintage Airstreams!  Wouldn't they also make great party napkins for that Labor Day BBQ?   Check 'em out.  They make me smile!  What's making you smile now Kichaa?  

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