Monday, August 8, 2011

What Feeds Your Soul?

 Ever tried a Meatless Monday?

Take the pledge today, for so many reasons.  All that good food will feed your body and keep you healthy.  Why don't we share it together, over good wine, and feed each other's souls?  So grab a plate!    

 Here's some good pickin's from the local farmer's market.  See . . . aren't fruits and veggies a lot prettier than ground chuck? (Took some of these pics with my Hipstamatic App.  How do you like it?)

And here's how I like to share it with new friends at an Outstanding in the Field farm dinner at Seedling Farm in Michigan.  

 So reconnect to your food . . .

 . . . and feed your soul, too.  Those are happy thoughts for a Monday, right?

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