Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Obsession

I love books (preferably vintage and preferably Jane Austen).   But I'm not a purist -- I'm all for using and re-purposing those books to modern advantage.  Luckily, I'm not alone.  Meet Rich and Brenna of Rich Neeley Designs.  This husband and wife team have found a way to channel their love and adoration of books (she's a Comparative Lit. major) while embracing modern technology.   Their iPhone, iPod and iPad charger docks give much-loved books a new life.  All of their charger docks are customized and made to order.   I MUST have one (Santa already knows this and I hope is working on it) and I think mine needs two docks on it (I always need more than one).    What a great idea!  I absolutely love it (and actually wish I'd thought of it)!  In fact, I may have to pick up one or two for my book-loving-but-technology-obsessed friends.  Don't you want one too?

XOXO Kichaas!

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