Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where is Everybody?

It's that funny week between Christmas and New Year when everyone seems to be out of the office.  No one is on the train.  There are hardly any cars on the expressway.  No long lines at Starbucks.  It's pretty nice.  Maybe it's me, but this is exactly the time when I want to be at work -- when no one else is.  Call me anti-social, but I never schedule this week as vacation time.  No phone calls.  Just a few spam emails.   I really like it.  

So what did I accomplish today?  Well, I finished all of my online compliance training for the year.  I also made several trips to the shredder, leaving me with an almost clear desk.  I actually stopped at 3:00 PM for tea and a scone.  I organized my emails into separate, chronologically ordered folders.  I fielded one substantive question from a poor guy sitting in our Kansas City office.  I organized one conference call (and I'm absolutely sure everyone else was in their pajamas).  I created a new Pandora radio station (Ella Fitzgerald jazz).  I found new covers for my iPhone and iPad here, and a new coffee sleeve for all those grande mocha non-fat lattes I'll be ordering in 2012 here.  I think that was a pretty successful, civilized work day, don't you Kichaas?

Are you working this week or returning Christmas presents that didn't fit (and picking up some new goodies on sale)?  I'd love to know.


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  1. I'm actually working from my parents' home in NJ this week -- and taking a little blog break to just enjoy being with family and friends. It really is eerily quiet around here, but the departure from the normal routine is really welcome.