Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Runway Success!

I hope all of you darling Kichaas had a wonderful first day of 2012!  I spent the day with my best friend and her husband at a grand open house.   It was held in a lovely twelve story building downtown.  The whole point of the party was to start at the top floor and eat your way to the bottom.  Food, drink and music on every floor!  How about it?!!  Is that a great idea or what?!  It took me exactly five hours to eat myself silly from top to bottom.

It was a glitzy gathering and another opportunity for me to waltz around in a designer dress courtesy of Rent-the-Runway (they also sent me the cute hat above).  Today's pick was the sequined Badgley Mischka dress below.

It was to-die-for!  I can't tell you how many compliments I received on this dress!  Rent-the-Runway sent me this dress in two sizes (at no extra charge), just in case.  I was glad they did because the bigger back-up size actually fit my bigger backside the best.

If all this glitter was not enough (and it wasn't), I also rented these ear baubles...

And funked it up with these shoes (courtesy of my closet)...

Here's the result (sorry, good shots at the event were not possible so the model had to also stand in as the photographer -- Ta da!!!)...

You get the idea.

Now all I have to do is stuff everything in the pre-paid mailing envelope they provided (no cleaning necessary) and drop it in a mailbox tomorrow.  Love it.

No work for me tomorrow Kichaas but then it's back to the old grind in a new year.  Hope your celebrations were wonderful!


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  1. Oh myyy, what a gorgeous dress and I loved how you styled it! happy 2012 to you, hope it's full of only good things :)