Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NYC Here I Come!

Oooh, finally!  I've been missing NYC so much!  I haven't been able to visit in about two years, and that's two years too long.  So this weekend is yet another girls' antiquing weekend, but this time in NYC!  It's Antiques Week in THE city and I'll be hitting the Armory and the Pier Show with my antique-loving buddy.  Also on our hit list are The Market NYC for some up-and-coming designer finds, ABC Carpet & Home for the nest, The Milk Bar for a mid-day sugar high, and a stroll through The Antiques Garage in case we still haven't gotten our fix in.  I've heard Recette is just a lovely dining experience, so maybe a nice dinner there to end the long weekend.

I can't wait!  In keeping with my NYC trip, the photo above was taken during construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.  I'm reading The Great Bridge  by David McCullough for my next book club get-together.  It's a fabulous history of the Brooklyn Bridge.  I recommend it Kichaas!


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