Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back from the Big Apple

I'm just back from my girls' weekend in NYC.  We were there to catch the end of Antiques Week and, of course, catch a show or two and eat constantly.   Here's how it went .  .  .

First stop, the flower shop because . . . well, who needs a reason?  Just because.

Next up, Antiques at the ArmoryAmericana and Antiques at the Pier, and,  the big daddy of them all, the Winter Antiques Show.  So many lovely things! Tractor seats.  Yes, tractor seats.  Thought these were works of art.  They would look lovely on the wall.

Picked up a huge old pinball game top and shipped it home for a friend.

Hit up Fat Witch for a brownie break.

Saw a couple of shows.  Jersey Boys was FABULOUS (Can't believe I avoided seeing it for so long)!  Follies, not so much (All about infidelity. In the end I think I was the one who got cheated.).

Cupcakes at Magnolia . . .

And pretty macaroons in SoHo.

A little bit of street art.

Dinner at Recette, where we caught the chef's delicious five-course tasting menu and listened to Nirvana.

And finally, our very yummy, but very last  meal in NYC at Cornelia Street Cafe.

It was home on a late flight to chilly Chicago and back to work today.  Miss it already.

Until next time Kichaas . . .


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